Workshops – High School Students 16+


Workshops – High School Students 16+

It’s not too early to get a taste of what college life is like! At Santa Fe University of Art and Design, you can experience what it’s like to study art in a supportive, collaborative environment. Whether you’re curious about SFUAD specifically, or just want to get ahead in preparing for your college experience, these workshops will prepare you for what’s ahead in your academic path.

All workshops take place from July 7-13 2016 on campus at SFUAD.


Digital Arts for Filmmakers Intensive

Shoot, edit, animate, and upload with the SFUAD digital arts workshop for high school filmmakers and artists. Take a creative learning adventure into one of America’s oldest cities and region of mystic legends, cultures, and landscapes.

Practice the nuts and bolts of creative media storytelling and social media campaigns that help your work get noticed. Work individually and with other aspiring creatives to discover your own voice as you create your own unique work.

Whether you prefer a skateboard or a dolly, an iPhone or camera, the SFUAD digital arts workshop for filmmakers is Santa Fe’s center for summer fun and creativity July 7 – 13.


Film Intensive for Prospective SFUAD Students

This one-week intensive course will take the passionate future filmmaker and transform them into a well-versed cinephile with the fundamental skills needed to analyze and create their own short films.  This course will cover basic theory, screenwriting, pre-production, production, and post-production – culminating in a three minute short film. *Subject to change


Photography for Prospective SFUAD Students

Using a range of hands-on experiments and collaborative activities, we will explore the fascinating creative medium of photography from the perspective of contemporary art. Beginning with the camera obscura and landing in the palm of your hand with a cell phone camera, this intensive workshop takes into account an array of lens-based practices to examine different strategies of visual inquiry. No formal experience or special equipment is required, just an open mind and a sincere interest in looking deliberately at the world around us. *Subject to change


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